Untitled Goose Game Review

Untitled Goose Game is the most charming game ever about a naughty animal 

Untitled Goose Game review:

The goose without a name

The goose in Untitled Goose Game is very annoying poultry. For some reason, this somewhat aggressive beast is out to bother as many residents of a sleepy British village as possible. Theft, threats, and sabotage are no stranger to this goose in this as charming as it is funny ‘simulator’.

As a player in Untitled Goose Game, you have an unnamed, white goose under the buttons. The control of the goose is still quite realistic. The animal can walk, swim and run somewhat awkwardly. In addition, the goose can move its long neck down or upwards while flapping its wings. Also not unimportant is his beak, with which objects can be picked up and which also produces a highly irritating gaggle.

untitled goose game

Shananigans territory

Why the goose is so terribly frustrated is not explained, but it is immediately clear that people should not get in the way of the animal. With a shortlist of boyish pranks, the goose enters the habitat of the people at the start of the game. The local gardener must be thwarted by turning his vegetable garden upside down and stealing his radio and a prize-winning pumpkin.

Exactly how you approach that as a goose is completely up to you and that is exactly the fun of the Untitled Goose Game. Just like with the gardener, every subsequent area is a constantly repeating play. People go about their daily routine, they sell things at a market, enjoy a drink in the pub or read the newspaper in the garden. As a whole, you get a list of situations that you have to create in every area: steal something from the market, infiltrate the pub or briefly the precious roses of the man in the garden.

Untitled Goose Game feels exactly like the game the world needs right now

untitled goose game

Hitman goose

At times, Goose Game feels a bit like (a murderous) Hitman because of this setup. Just like in that game, staying unseen and observing the routines of your victims is an important part. That also requires a little bit of sneaking action. Every now and then you have to strike unseen from a bush or under a table. If you get caught, you will be chased away or people will return their stolen items to their original position.

Although you as a whole do not have a lot of options for your harassment at first sight, time and time again the game manages to present various situations that turn out differently. The game manages to utilize almost all the possibilities of a playable, annoying goose within a mere two hours, without getting dull or boring.

untitled goose game

Not an ugly duckling

In addition, there is nothing but praise for the fantastic style in which this witty game has been designed. The goose is rarely detailed and animated, while the people in the game have to do with limited details. Is this how the goose sees the creatures that are bothering him so much?

The music is the other half of what makes this game so stylish. With the help of dynamic piano parts, Goose Game always knows how to create the right mood for the situation. If the goose sneaks slowly towards its goal, the keys of the piano are struck with every step. If the goose is chased by an angry market vendor with a broom, a fitting, stirring tune sounds.

Untitled Goose Game feels exactly like the game the world needs right now. This fall there are enough games full of murder, manslaughter, and violence. All nice and nice in the virtual world, but Goose Game feels like a breath of fresh air with its comical and fairly innocent harassments. The fact that not every point on the list of boyish pranks has an equally obvious solution and is the only downside of this game. Untitled Goose Game may not be a long game, but it is funny.

Conclusion of this XXX review


  • Shananigans with a goose, fantastic style, very funny
  • Sometimes some illogical puzzles

Untitled Goose Game price is $19.99 and it is available on PC and Nintendo Switch.

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