Ultimate Cat Quest review

Cat Quest Review

The open-world RPG Cat Quest is a very special case. It is kind of a mix between Skyrim and Zelda.

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The Singaporean developer The Gentlebros got a lot of inspiration from games like Zelda, Skyrim and Final Fantasy. They have taken over all the good aspects and poured a cat sauce over it. The risk with this is that it doesn’t appeal to some or that it quickly becomes corny. For me, the latter was sometimes the case, but the smooth gameplay, the smooth controls, and the nice graphics make up for that. The difference between the beta and the final version was very small. Two quests have been added and a number of icons. The quests are very entertaining and the icons clarify the map considerably. The gameplay has remained unchanged.

Cat Quest - Kaart

The story

In the world of Cat Quest, it is full of cats (of course), monsters and a dragon here and there. You play as the hero of the story. Your sister has been abducted by an annoying magician and you want to become stronger as quickly as possible and very skilled in magic to free her. Your guardian angel Spirry helps you as well as he can with advice, tips, hints and related comments. You do missions for villagers, you chop real-time caves and dungeons, collect better weapons and armor and learn more and more spells.


You can play with keyboard and mouse or with a controller (my choice). You can roll, hit and release magical spells on the world. Cat Quest revolves around fighting and that is why fighting has been made very smooth. Your magic has no cooldown, so you can cast spells on your opponents one after the other, as long as you have enough mana. You can build your mana by beating enemies. This forces you to regularly come close to the bad guys. Everywhere in the game, there are missions that you can accept, but every mission is about going somewhere and destroying everything. Occasionally you have to follow a trail and only then destroy everything, but that does not happen often. So it comes down to walking, talking and fighting and this can feel a bit repetitive after a while. The story is just nice enough to help you through these moments.


A game with such a crazy name is, of course, full of jokes. There are always references to other games and series with a cat sauce. The capital is called Catpital, there is a village called Kit Cat, another village is called Fishercat’s Friend and the pause menu is called Paws. When you see this, you already have an idea of ​​what kind of humor you can expect. Occasionally Cat Quest goes a little too far. There are quite a few references to (bastard) curses, so the game goes too far for some parents. In my opinion, a self-made swear with dogs, fur balls or wool would have been more convenient. The game is also extremely suitable for children. The music also contributes strongly to this. The music could have a little more variety to my taste.

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Lots of freedom

Cat Quest gives you a lot of freedom. You can go wherever you want, only the dungeons and monsters do not scale with you. It’s not smart to fight a level 30 monster as a level 15. Even a level 20 dungeon is quite a challenge for a level 15 character. You can wear anything you want. Each item of clothing gives you different bonuses on your stats and you can bet on magic or fighting. You can set the buttons for your magic spells as you like.

The world

You can go anywhere from the beginning, but that doesn’t mean you can do it. There are islands and mountains that are still unreachable in the beginning. By unlocking enough, you can get there later in the game in a special way. The map is quite large and as you can see there is a large bare circle. Tip: stay away from here if you don’t really need to be there. Fortunately, Cat Quest loads quickly when you die … In villages, you can find baskets where you can take a nap. This way you save the game and your health and mana level replenishes itself. Villages also have large signs where villagers can place quests. You can take on missions that are far above your level, but that is not wise. In Tempels you can buy and upgrade spells. Scattered throughout the map are obelisks who tell you more about the history of the country.


You will find a lot of things in the many boxes that you can find everywhere. As soon as you find something that you already have, that item immediately goes up one level. This motivates you to cut as many dungeons as possible. Your inventory is large enough to take all the items with you in the game. So no management practices and making difficult choices, just vacuuming and dragging everything along. You can sort your things in your backpack with the push of a button, so you can quickly find out which is best for you.  

Cat Quest - Hoofdstad

Conclusion of this Cat Quest review

Cat Quest is a fun game. It has enough jokes to make you laugh, enough different weapons and armor and the story has some pretty big plot twists at the end. These twists make it fun to restart the game from the beginning. At times Cat Quest becomes a bit long-winded because you have to walk a lot in the beginning and you actually do all the same things with largely the same music. Cat Quest is not made to play for hours at a time (like I do), but just to enjoy it from time to time.

  • Who doesn’t love a hero cat, great style, very funny at times
  • The same music every quest, humor goes a little too far for some

Cat Quest price is $12.99 and it is available on Mobile (Android and IOS), PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

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